Korean language Engagement Traditions

Korean involvement customs are rooted in traditional Confucian values and center on family members. Marriage is not just the union of two people but the best way for two family members to unite and to build social status.


First, the couple will meet and bring in themselves to each other’s parents. This appointment is sometimes clumsy but it is actually a sign that they can be ready to be occupied as a part of the same family.

Additionally, the bride and groom will present one another with a unique engagement ring. Usually, the woman will wear a red hanbok and the groom a green one.

These kinds of colors can be a reflection of this complementary yin and yang, or the equilibrium between light and dark. They are also a symbol of the two individuals coming with each other to form a person, Park says.

Next, the bride and groom will certainly seal their particular marriage vows. They will increase a glass of wine beverages to the heavens and dans le but it down on the ground.

That is known as hap-geun-rye and it is a vital part of the formal procedure. It’s the bride and groom pledging to one another that they will become faithful and fulfill their particular obligations as husband and wife.

Next, the couple will write about a special beverage called jung jong (Korean wine) with each other. They will drink from their person cups and mix the wine together.

Guests will then offer cash gift ideas to the wedding couple http://psychologia.co/the-power-of-eye-contact/ in white colored envelopes, that are supposed to “be returned. inch This is because cash is given to aid the new married couple start their very own existence together and the journey towards independence. This kind of cash can then be counted and recorded within a guest publication. The present amount is usually in odd korean guy dating tips amounts ranging korean brides from $30 to $100 depending on just how close the guest is with the few.